flax inc staff
POSITION: Web Developer
COMPANY EMAIL: [email protected]
ADDRESS: 438 J. Nepomuceno St. Quiapo Manila

Rochelle Yang Canale

Who is Rochelle Canale?

Rochelle Yang Canale is a Web Developer here in Flax for about 1 year. And what he said about Flax?

“It’s awesome!”.

He also loves to code especially about PHP and He also love to design but unfortunately He doesn’t exceed in designing due to lack of practice and lack of knowledge. He is open for learning new stuffs about Web Development and Android Development.

So if there’s anyone who can teach him He will definitely say

Come on teach me

In his College days together with his studies He also participating in some drawing and writing activities in schools and He also is an athlete in Judo and Kyoukuhin Karate so if anyone wants to learn self-defence He is willing to teach.


“He may not an excellent Web Developer but He has a passion in it“


I have 2 years in the field of Web Development and it is composed of using these tools as my bread and butter. PHP language as my prefer language, Managing queries using MySQL(RDMS), a little Javascript and jQuery with some AJAX, CSS framework like Bo

Programming (Opencart, CodeIgniter, jQuery, jQueryUI)
60% Complete
Designing (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Photoshop/Illustrator)
30% Complete
Others (Version control (Subversion), UNIX commands)
20% Complete
Drawing (Sketching, Drafting, Calligraphy)
35% Complete
Writing (Poem, Short Essays)
30% Complete
Self Defence (Kyokushin Kai Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Arnis & Nanchaku)
70% Complete
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