flax inc staff
POSITION: 3D Designer
COMPANY EMAIL: [email protected]
ADDRESS: Holy Spirit, Quezon City

Lester Pagulong

Hi, I’m Lester, working as a 3D artist. I’m almost one and half year working as an artist. And I love 3D stuffs. My longest work experience before was being an Autocad Operator on a Land Surveying company.


There are many things I learned working as a 3D artist. I managed to finish a certain project on time. I also learned to properly organize files. If I have spare time, I watch video tutorials about 3D animation. And I always take note of almost everything

60% Complete
70% Complete
Adobe Photoshop
60% Complete
3Ds Max
50% Complete
Autodesk Maya
50% Complete
Adobe Illustrator
50% Complete
Character Modelling
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