flax inc staff
POSITION: 3D Designer
COMPANY EMAIL: [email protected]
ADDRESS: San Rafael Rodriguez,Rizal

Carlo Guillermo

Hi my name is Carlo, 3D artist from Flax Inc., I studied 3D at Korea Phil’s. IT Training Center with a title of 3D animator then pursue the said job from 2008 to 2009 at Somni Creatives and Kinematics Studios. After I quit working by the last quarter 2009 I then decided to study 3D Architectural and Computer Aided Design at Microcad Cubao, and by the end of 2010 I applied here at Flax Inc. previously Kuni and the rest is history.


Base on how I assess myself I believe that my skill as a 3D artist is top notched because I finish every job on time despite very little time, very few materials and so much pressure, but that is just on the architectural part of 3D only. I want to learn

Autodesk Maya
70% Complete
3Ds Max
60% Complete
Adobe After Effects
50% Complete
Adobe Photoshop
50% Complete
Adobe Premiere
60% Complete
Character Modeling
100% Complete
80% Complete
30% Complete
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